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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

God Invites You to Become a Part of His Work

#1: God calls each of us to join Him

#2: To do his work.

Both: But we aren’t the first to hear His voice.


#1: Honey, I have some news for you. God said he wants us to go.

#2: Go where?

#1: I don’t know

How far?

#1: Not really sure on that either.

#2: Who said this?

#1: God

#2: Why?

#1: Because He is the Lord.

#2: When?

#1: As soon as possible.

#2: Leave Ur.

#1: Urrrrryeah.

Both: God calls us to the adventure of the Divine.

#1: So what are you and Noah doing over there? I noticed that the kids have come home to visit.

#2: Yes, It is uh… wonderful.

#1: How long are they going to stay?

#2: Probably no more than one hundred years.

#1: Wow! Talk about extended family time. What kind of project are you working on? A new deck? A fence?

#2: Actually it’s a boat.

#1: What?

#2: A boat.

#1: What’s a boat?

#2: It’s something that we can use when it starts to rain.

#1: Rain? What’s Rain?

#2: It’s water coming down from the sky.

#1: Really? So who’s idea was this. Noah’s?

#2: No. It was God’s.


Voice of God: Jonah!

#2: The voice seemed to come out of nowhere!

#1: Who's that? Sounds like-

Voice of God: God. I have a job for you.

#1: You do? Great. I'd be honored! A job to do for God! I'll be right up there with Abraham, Isaac, and King David. Maybe He's going to give me a special rod, or a sling. This is great! I need to go tell my friends about this one they'll never believe it! A job from-

Voice of God: Jonah-

#1: Yes Lord?

Voice of God: Don't you want to know what the job is?

#1: Oh. I almost forgot. I sure do. I'll do it. Whatever it is, you've got the right man!

Voice of God: I need you to take a trip.

#1: A trip! I love trips! Hopping on a camel into the wild blue yonder! Sleeping under the stars! Climbing mountains! Cruises on sail boats! I'm on my way, Lord.

Voice: Jonah! Don't you want to know where I need you to go?

#1: Oh yeah, Lord. Minor detail.

Voice of God: I need you to go to Nineveh!

#1: Nineveh! A free trip to Nineveh! Wow! (Realizing what God has said.) Wait. Hold on, Lord. Did you say Nineveh?

Voice of God: Nineveh.

#1: Nineveh?

Voice of God: Nineveh, Jonah!

#1: But Lord. Why do you want me to go there? Those people despise you! They kill prophets! They do things! Terrible things. Lord, you should hear the stories about Nineveh. They're bad! Really bad people. They don't obey you words. They're rude. Believe me Lord I really should go to-

Voice of God: I want you to go to Nineveh. I know what they do and I still want you to go.

#1: Why, Lord.

Voice of God: Because they need to repent.

#1: You've got that right.

Voice of God: And I love them.

#1: You love them! How could you love them? These people are bad. Really bad. They-

Voice of God: You're repeating yourself.

#1: Oh... Right.

Voice of God: Now go to Nineveh and bring my message to the people.

#1: But-

Voice of God: Are you my servant?

#1: Yes, but-

Voice of God: Then go to Nineveh.


#1: What are you doing with that water pots?

#2: We’ve already used them.

#1: I have to fill them up with water.

#2: Fill’em up with water. That isn’t logical. Hands have already been washed! We’ve got bigger problems. We’re almost out of wine and this is day two of a five-day feast.

#1: I know.

#2: Who’s going to want to drink water from a bath pot.

#1: I’m just following orders.

#2: From whom?

#1: Well… Jesus.


#2: And God continues to use ordinary people to do His extraordinary work.

#1: He uses shepherds,

#2: Servants,

#1: Teachers,

#2: Carpenters,

#1: People who have it all together and people who seemingly don’t have anything together.

#2: Kings and beggars

#1: Children and Elders

#2: Pastors

#1: And Parents,

#2: He is calling us to experience Him

Both: And do what he is calling us to do.

#2: The wondrous mystery of it all.

#1: God’s plan for the message and the mission rests on the shoulders and on the tongue of flesh-and-blood people.

#2: Not angels,

#1: Or cherubs,

#2: Or stone tablets.

#1: He chose us.

#2: There is no other plan.


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