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Thursday, October 28, 2004

when garbled just state the facts

Today I...

took nathan and caleb to school early
met in cool springs at the starbucks
(good meeting)
ran into some producers that have lots of gear but they are probably way out of our budgetary league.
ideas are coming together
went with Mark to see Matt's family at St. Thomas
came back to help Craig with his interview for the Men's Frat. folks.
worked on odds and ends such as banner for set
met with louann briefly
did a few contract things
Contacted Northside about the worship stuff.
Went back to St. Thomas to check on Matt J.
doing fine (Thank you Father)
back home
lots of junk to work through at home.
and then I found out that the thing i was expecting was not there which kind of leaves me up in the air and very frustrated.


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