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Monday, November 08, 2004

stream of consciousness

rule #1. When in a blogging funk write about it. it is your only escape. so here i am writing. and ready to reflect on the past few days that i've been silent.

Sunday's Messages
Morning: Psalm 1: Living a Blessed Life
Evening: The Life Swap: Christ giving us his glory in exchange for our cross.

I'm having such fun preaching. it's been a ministry to me on several levels. i find the pew to be an uncomfortable place. (i'm not proud of this because i believe it shows a lack of humility.) i find it almost impossible to avoid dissecting things that happen in worship. i must continually focus on the work of worship and work it is. There is and should be passion but there is also the stubborn refusal to be spectator in the act of corporate worship. the worship leader stands in the place of ease because worship mandates him to work. for the body- it is much more difficult because worship is indeed a heart matter.

took the kids tonight to see The Incredibles... Definitely living up to its name.


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