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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The challenge today...

To write 7 readings on the seven realities of experiencing God in 7 hours. This will definitely be a God thing if I do even half of them. But I do have the first one done.

God is at Work Around us

Reader 1: Jesus said to them,

Reader 2: "My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I, too, am working."

All: He is Alive

Reader 1: He is active.

Reader 2: Through heartbreak,

Reader 3: Through triumph,

Reader 1: Through political unrest,

Reader 4: War and peace,

Reader 2: Our God is at work!

All: He is moving.

Reader 1: He is alive

Reader 3: Apart from me you can do something?

All: No.

Reader 2: Apart from me you are going to do less than you ought?

All: No

Reader 1: Apart from me, you can do nothing.

Reader 4: (whispered) Nothing

Reader 3: (whispered) Nothing.

All: It all starts with God.

Recorded or offstage voice 1: Lord, I just don’t see your hand. My marriage is falling apart. It seems like all the things I’ve worked for all these years is vanishing before my very eyes. Where is my future?

Recorded or offstage voice 2: Lord, I don’t think I can survive this ever growing to do list. Where is your power?

Recorded or offstage voice 2: Lord, I give up. I can’t continue to live this way, I can right my own wrongs. I can’t seem to put the pieces together.

Recorded or offstage voice 4: I guess everything is going OK but something inside me says that there is much more. I don’t want to live an ordinary life. I want my life to count for something.

Reader 1: Jesus laid out the challenge to all of us.

Reader 2: "Live in me.

Reader 3: Take up residence where I am

Reader 1: Just like a branch is no good without the vine

Reader 4: You can’t do anything without God.

Reader 1: You are separated.

Reader 2: You are dead.

Reader 3: You are worthless.

Reader 1: But God is calling to you.

All: He is at work.

Reader 2: He is alive.

Reader 4: He is moving among us.

All: He is here.

Reader 3: And he is calling to you.

Reader 4: He is at work around us.

Reader 2: He comes bearing gifts.

Reader 1: He is at work around us.

Reader 4: He is our only hope.

Reader 2: He is at work around us.

Reader 1: As He was in the burning bush days of Moses.

All: He is today.

Reader 4: As He was in the sling and stone days of David.

All: He is today.

Reader 1: God is at work.

Reader 2: He is.

Reader 4: He is.

Reader 1: He

All: Is.


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