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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Glad it's done

spent the day cleaning and everythings looks and feels so much better. More trouble with Isaac's Mustang. This is its third trip to mechanic. I'm smelling lemon. It started overheating so we'll get it in on Monday probably. Tomorrow I'm doing the story of the healing of two blind men on the way to Jerusalem. I love micro-stories and breaking them down into even smaller bites. I think it would be possible to write an entire book on each of the stories of Jesus. In some cases you could write a complete book a singular sentence. Such a rich Word we have been given. I take it for granted so many times. It has it all mystery, history, comedy, wars, passion, deceit, wonder, supernatural, parable, proverb, music, foretelling, poetry, subtext, warning, chivalry, scandel, and grace.


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