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Thursday, October 02, 2003

I wasn't planning to still be around.
messianic interruption or atomic geopolitical catastrophe should have sent we awol. But here I stand- As Luther said, I can do no more.
Leaving tomorrow- Mobile, AL
Drama Conference. Spent the day today visiting dept of motor vehicle.
Mass of humanity.
First branch.
Lady doesn't lift her eyes. She just calls out over the cacophony of Hispanic chatter.
No luck.
Later, after running back to Vatican for a meeting that didn't happen I left for another branch.
Mapquest really lied.
Other side of the interstate.
"I must do this today!" I whisper.
No license, no rental car tomorrow in Mobile.
Got in and out in less that 20 minutes, ranking right between the parting of the Red Sea and the withered fig tree.
Thank you Lord, I whisper, as I think about all i have to do today. The plane won't wait for me tomorrow.


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