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Monday, September 22, 2003

Very Cool Quote from Bill Malonee:

"i get on one day at a time...just like you...and yes...i have joy...
my vision is for everyone to go to bed full tonight on this cold-hearted strange little orb...and for all (after what is for many, nothing but a sad and terrible sojurn here) to one day awaken in the arms of Jesus,"at Whose right hand is the fullness of joy...forevermore." Psalm 16
and so my hope is no different than the hope of many here.
let us stay the course...
i write 'cause i love it...(and St. Brenda says "go fer it!")...and i write from the inside out 'cause that's all i know how to do...and 'cause it's too hard to write like those Nashiville cats with all the linear story lines and button pushing, flag-waving, tear-in-da-beer, "lemmee sell you truck, cowboy!" formulas...


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