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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Do not lay up for yourselves treasures

Matthew 6:19 - A great commandment for this age of materialism. i am surrounded by the philosophy of "save early and often." lay it up... the treasures made by hands. i have things made all over the world. most from china and japan, it seems. things that make me comfortable and that give me independence. and yet my Jesus calls me to lay it down not lay up. lay it down. (two prepositions that are worlds apart.) he called them to lay down their nets. he calls me to lay down so many things... included in that list of things to lay down is my earthly crown, my comforts, my cares, my check book, my car, my retirement. lay them at his feet... it's a scary proposition. it's much like seeing peter pan fly out the window, assuring you that you can do the same but the second story breeze goes against everything i have been taught. i have the same desire of Peter. i want to get out of the boat and check out my water walking legs. i want to feel the holy spit and dirt on my blind eyes. but Lord, i'm more comfortable with paychecks, computers, and applause i can hear with my own ears.

Lord, teach me to lay it all down at your feet and to stop laying up treasures.


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