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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Sunday Morning

The day has arrived and we're uploading the files for the pre-event show. Last night I looked over Rick's shoulders and watched him put it together. A real learning experience for me. I'm nervous about the transfer of the movie files but it seems to be going well. This internet cafe is really the best in Athens I've seen. Techno/soft music provides a rich ambiance.

about three months ago I felt God calling me to do a silent retreat somewhere, somehow and it just occurred to me yesterday that after the event I'll have a great chance to do it hear. I pray for protection as I go out into the mountains of this ancient place to listen to God. Wow! What an exciting place to hear Him speak to me.

Lord, so many thoughts have run through my head but there has been little time to let them settle. Nothing is private here from the time I rise to the time I sleep. Lord, I pray for recovery time when I get back. I was behind when I left, I grow anxious to think of what I'll face when I get home.


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