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Monday, August 23, 2004

a sigh of relief

the event ended last night and we all are breathing a bit easier. one of the cool things about this trip has been getting to hang out with Chris Turner. He has tons of great stories to tell from his international travel and finding himself knee deep in convention stuff.

last night we dined at a very, very, greek place. What a great chance to rest the blisters. Last night the dreaded foot ailment occured as we journeyed uphill for the event. i loaded myself down like a mule and tried to be a college student once again but time is a brutal teacher about the loss of youth. i think i must have had ten bottles of water as we did the event. there was a great deal of ego tension at some points during the day that saddened me.

the event is now live.

paul turner, rick, and steve went to the islands. i chose to stay in a rest.


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