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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Just a few passing notes about the day

we went to brentwood for church and had a good experience. I feel fairly certain that that is where we'll join. It's quiet a drive but we all like it. I think isaac even likes it.

Lord, bring him a friend there who is connected to you. Lord make me a tough love Dad. I am more and more, day by day, convinced that he needs me to get in his face. which is totally not my parenting style- but my parenting style hasn't worked thus far. I preached a sermon to the guys on the way to church. Iwas so tired of everything being so "me,me,me" in our house and I laid into them with the fury of a young Billy Sunday. I said, this life and this day ios not about you! And then Mike Glenn in his sermon said- (this is not ministerially speaking- I'm not making this p or stretching the truth.) he said, You might not like this worship service and that's fine because worship is not about You!. That raised a few eyebrows in the car on the way home.

After church I went swiming with the guys. At the pool there must have been ten divorced women in bikini's that should have been illegal for women of that girth. Boy, we all got an earful. Most of them evidently worked in the food service business because they were talking about tips, chefs and Mondays off. A couple of them used language that would make a sailor blush.

We then went to get notebooks for the guys and then came home. We decided to celebrate the beginning of school, the conclusion of the tm412 project, and my farewell to Greece by doing something we haven't really ever done before... we spent a load of money making a memory at Kobe steak house. Tomorrow begins the school year and I believe this will be much easier than last year. my mileage is so much less.

By the way, Lord, thanks for getting a chance to meet Gary, a college ministry guy who let me know that some people really do the things I write. What an encouragement. And what a great story he has. He prayed for God to help him lose weight and the Lord took away his appitite. How cool is that? He's lost 100 pound in a year.

That's about all for now. Let the games begin!


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