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Friday, August 13, 2004

so far today

slept good last night and now i’m at Riverside Baptist church. I stayed at the red lion hotel which was perhaps quite the rage when the Song “Kung Fu Fighting” was a hit. It’s in an older part of denver and i’m sure they renovated the place but still it has that 70’s feel. next to the football field where the broncos play. the red lion is a circular hotel with a restaurant on top. last night i went to the restaurant to eat a cobb salad and i took it to my room and watch mike tyson get knocked out. a replay i’m sure. we don’t have any cable channels at home and so i watched fox news and cnn and then i realized how stressful the news can be when it is continual. just a little TMI.

woke up and pack all my stuff ate breakfast and walked with my rolling suitcase filled with dvds and videos along with my laptop case WALKED to the church. i could see the church from the top of the hotel and so i thought, this is no big deal I’ll walk. It’s amazing how far a small walk turns out to be when you are on the ground.

So now i wait for the beginning of the class on reaching the unchurched.


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