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Thursday, August 12, 2004

waiting and watching

contrary to popular belief
We are not waiting for God
He indeed is waiting for us
He doth not sleep
he’s a lover on the verge of dreams realized
but far more than scribbled stories in retail shelves
He is patient and ever above and beyond
the fruitless dreams of countries and corporations
he is far more interested in beggars
he is far less interested in buicks
he watches through dooms and fears
laughter and tears
he’s waiting and watching
to see if we learn
to see if we get it.
to see if we play fair and defend his bride
like a jealous, devoted lover three days before the wedding
he watches our days as the time slips by and he waits for us to cast our gaze toward heaven
we can be sure he is watching
not from a distance
he’s as close as the air
that dances before our lips


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