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Thursday, August 12, 2004

today was constant motion...
I got back in the office after taking isaac to the school.
when i got in i recieved a call that the dvd's were ready.
i tweaked the expense report, returned a few calls and then met with chris about the sunday school dvd ciricullum.
then left for murpfreesboro, met for about five minutes with nathan and then scurried back to the house to pack.
found my visa bill rushed to Sifford video...
picked up the videos and dvds and then back to the office.
turned in the 3rd revision of the expense report and then packed the office stuff.
OH---- MY---- GOSH!
90 minutes til take off... grabbed my bags...
rushed out of Lifeway like a house afire.
Construction! tick, tick, tick...
65 minutes and the airport sign is in view. park the car.
two boxes, laptop bag crammed with stuff, and my suitcase..
this will never do!
I can't carry all this stuff from section g3
and i don't want to wait for the parking torture bus that takes half a day to get dropped off....
I must compress my worldly possessions-- no way
i'm making it through this eye of the needle...
tear open the dvd box and i start stuffing 50 dvds in every pocket, zipper and crevance of my suitcase and laptop bag.
i am now hobbling like a wounded penguin down to the terminal.
I hate that they call it a terminal... it sounds so terminal-- especially when you're pressing up the escallator with the intesity of a lineman,
I get there. Finally...
thank you Lord... for cool weather and the grace to make the flight.
I don't imagine You ever did a day like today.
I don't see You running on the water...
I don't see you running five different atempts at paperwork.
Do you bless my rushed existence...
does it at least make you smile. I'm smiling right now thinking about it.
How you see my steps and know my heart.
how you smile and love me even on days when i am so very imperfect and weak...
you see the glances, the hymns, the blessings, the beggings, you even heard me say "CRAP!" when the box tumbled of the roller when i tried to hop a curb.
You saw me look to make sure it was under my breath.
but You heard it and winced...
but at that moment i felt You smile because you approved?
no... because i deserved a smile from on high?
oh no....
You smiled because ironically You loved me unconditionally, passionately...
You see everything Lord Jesus and You see my life from a bird's eye to eye view.
Hallelujah! What a great Daddy Father God almighty!!
I am yours and the dance of the day-
though rushed, awkward and undone.
Amen and Amen


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