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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

back from the vatican....

Good day of writing. Working on a creative arts handbook prop. that will surely bury me for months if the proposal is accepted. all my neighbors were in training so the seventh floor was quite vacant and I enjoyed the solitude. Listened to a little Terry Taylor, CSNY, and N.Young and thought about my high school years as I worked on editing LW. i can not believe they call me an editor. it's like calling mr. rodgers a middle linebacker. i'm no good but the checks keep coming on a routine basis which makes the mrs. happy.

tomorrow i have to my shtick @ the sbc building. i'm not sure what i'll do. probably "dedication" and "lost coin"

i've got to go to bed. couldn't get to sleep last night. strange thoughts and anxieties about everything and nothing. my two pet obsessions. even so Lord, come quickly....


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