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Thursday, November 27, 2003

spam opera (a cyberspace poem)

L O S E weight!
gain hair
but not where you don't want it
for there it will fall off
and hoOOme loans
4.3 or less
pass it along to 10 friends
please don't stop the luck
and enlarge
i want to meet you
(i have a million or so dollars to give
to any american)
reply soon
and with your ss card.
if you are a christian
viaaaaaaaagra! viagra, viagra!
don't waste your time
don't linger with cheap immitations
sexy pics
and a real estate blitz
de-scramble your cable and get payperviewmovies for free
click here
i'm miiiiiiiiiicroSOFT!
use this patch for bugs
and nicoteeeeene
and a free ps2
dancing bush
moonwalking sadam
scientific formulaaaaaaa
to enlarge youranything
our methods are insured and gauranteeeeeed
already used by a billion worldwide

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