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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

what drives my ministry?

in my garage i'm amazed at the drivers i see waiting to get behind the wheel and take me away. They say, "Hop in! We want to take you to some of our favorite places!"

Fear loves to drive. He keeps me from saying and doing things that go against the tide. He always keeps one foot on the brake and rarely goes over school zone speed. When flooded by fear, ministry refuses to start. When not proceeding with caution, Fear loves to drive in reverse and when the road gets rough, fear will ultimately drive ministry into long term parking, content with earthbound spectatorship.

at times my ministry has been driven by money. Money is always there when I wake up. He wants to make sure I don't do anything that will compromise his position. Every time a new challenge or an opportunity to really go somewhere arises, money will stop the car and simply wave at the crowd. Looking good is much more important than actually getting in ministry according to Money.

Reputation is another driver I meet in the garage. If he drives, he'll only drive where other ministries can see us. He never takes time to help broken down ministries and always dreams of receiving public praise and a good seat at the conventions and churches that ministry takes him.

Escapism wants to drive my ministry during off-road excursions. Escapism wants to forget about the daily nature of the journey-constantly wanting to outrun reality and responsibility. Escapism is looking for a place to get off track and go joyriding through the forbidden gates of my own area 51. It's a mysterious place that always asks "what if"

Every morning, every day, they hang out around the fender waiting for me to toss them the keys to my ministry. Together they chant, "Road Trip, Road Trip! ROAD TRIP!"

Every driver backs away when the real driver steps up. He knows exactly where my ministry must take me: to the cross of Christ.


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