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Sunday, November 30, 2003

eulogy of a concept (a poem after viewing "Remains of the Day")

the unspoken dance into a world never realized
a world of high orchestra and last moment rescues
this world
i now know, is at peace
the preamble of mercy and touch
of the soft, pure glance into the eyes of certain sustained release
places where growth is something expected
and the heroworld of swords and stones,
of camelots and quiet understanding
final glory
it died sometime ago but i never mourned it properly
no stone at the head of it final resting place
simply an invisible memorial
i stand by and smile. (this is true.)
i smile, half-relieved,
the pulse continues
i can get on with life now.
a life of surrender
knowing now that sacrifice
will lead to resurrection
and unconditional love
will lead to peace


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