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Friday, November 28, 2003

dreams in the absence of activity

i've actually had free time which leads to wierd poetry about spam and READING! and not just the reading because I have to. I've been reading things that I've wanted to read for some time now- like the library book that frank chewed up and i had to buy-- flannery o'connor : a life. in this biography i discovered a place called yaddo. It's a residence for writers where flannery began her writing career. Robert Lowell was there at the same time. amazing... to be a fly on the typewriter... I began thinking about how wonderful it would be to have a place like that for young christian writers/artists...

i'll put that on the top of my list of things to do if i ever inherit an obscene amount of money and totally solve the whole world hunger issue.

this has been a great time of rest after a very diffult few weeks of work and life. i am, however looking forward to getting back to the business at hand. so much to do at work. but i'll refrain for a couple more days because i know that i need time away from the seventh floor of baptistville.

i'll be preaching again sunday night at that little church where i spoke last sunday morning. i planned to do some home repair and clean-up but i felt like the family just needed to enjoy the day, and that we did. i haven't left the house except to drop nathan off at a friend's to spend the night. it's been good, though. two mornings in a row i simply got up without that irritating alarm buzzing. well, flannery's life is calling and i must get the most out of this expensive library book that i now own. (thanks frank.)


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