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Monday, November 24, 2003

monday, monday

monday monday...

i'm back...not much blogging or journaling over the weekend. spoke at saulsbury baptist church near lebenon, tennessee, around a 25 minute drive. it was a beautiful morning to be on the road. the hills of lebenon... cows out early and spring-like weather. i preached on the wedding feast in Canaan and one of my favorite commands in the Bible. Mary to the servants, "Do whatever He asks you to do." great advise. I also love the metaphor that Jesus chose when he used those clay pots to hold the newly created wine.

the small group of believers there were so gracious. probably around 25. i simply did the service and left. i return next sunday night.

at around 2:30 darlene and I left for first baptist kingston to do their thanksgiving banquet. total opposite of the morning experience. around 450 people around tables in the activities center. they had the stage right in the middle. we had handheld mics and tried to rotate ourselves as much as possible. don't know how effective it was but it made the night very memorable. this was our second time at first kingston. great church.

stuff we did:
peculiar people
anniversary to remember
paint on the wall
reasons why

it was fun getting comments on my last post from my two beloved sisters.

today, i worked on a new strategy for web development @ lifeway and returned several calls.


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