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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

life is rich

i'm so thankful today for life itself. it truly is a mystery and i can't wait to see where it leads. i'm thankful that life is not perfectly boring or boringly perfect. it is a school for eternity. i'm thankful that i went a year without any major emotional sickness. i'm thankful for a community of friends and family. i'm thankful that i still have a job. i'm thankful for the heores that are on my wall, rich mullins, g.k chesterton, corrie ten boom, d. bonhoffer, james hudson taylor, t.s. elliot, c.s. lewis, william cowper, mother teressa, billy sunday, oswald chambers, lottie moon, isaac watts. they remind me of the torch in our hands.

i'm thankfull for a healthy family and for all i'm learning through isaac. i'm thankful for moments of peace. and strength in times of discord and anxiety.

i'm thankful for a people who remind me of my purpose.

i'm thankful for a relentless Lord who stooped down and rescued me.


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