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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Received this email from Dennis Parrish

I know that many of you have heard recently of the dissolution of the Communications degree here at SWBTS. Bad news has a way of traveling fast, and rumors about the department are nothing new. Just this past Fall before the arrival of our new President I received many condolences, concerned phone calls, e-mails and personal visits from friends all over who had heard that the Department was shut down, The Company was no more, and that I had been fired. It is my sad task at this time to address the resurfacing of those same rumors.

In a strange way, the very fact that rumors are spreading is an encouragement to me. It tells me that you are out there. That you care. That you are being observant. That you are concerned with the creative communication of the message of God’s word. I cannot tell you how thankful I am that you are there. Otherwise, “How will they know...” In another way the rumors cause me a great deal of personal stress, pain and anxiety. Because I must now confirm to you that one of the three rumors is true.

The Department is weakened, but not dissolved. Classes continue to be taught and students may receive a MACE with a Communications Concentration. However, the MACOMM degree will no longer be available.

The Company is still accepting bookings. They will perform and teach next year at the SBTC Creative Arts Conference on SWBTS campus, the Touch-A-Life conference in Arkansas and many dates between now and then.

By now you have looked back to the opening paragraph and know that I am no longer employed by SWBTS. I know that many of you have questions and perhaps developed conclusions regarding the actions of the current administration. The causes that led to this are many, and I am deeply saddened; however, know that I am trusting in God’s plan for my life each and every day.

Please do not appeal to SWBTS on my behalf, feel free to appeal to SWBTS and your convention leaders to keep and strengthen the Communications Department. Please do contact me or John Tillman to book The Company. And please do continue to pray for me, and my family.


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