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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Looking back over the past 12 months...

Life continues to change and deepen, ever moving , daily, turning and changing.
I am grateful that the challenges I've faced over the past year have made me stronger and more aware of the fragile nature of life and relationships.
I have learned that old lesson again--- the only time we have is right here right now, so don't miss it!
I have learned again that salvation is God's and God's alone. We can be vessels of God's grace, but none of us save anyone. God is the source. I've learned this lesson so many times! Glory is in God and God alone.

I've learned to have a phone by my bed when I have teens in the house.
I've learned that I can be assertive even though I hate being assertive.
I've earned that God is no respecter of persons or countries.
The wind blows where it will. I learned that God's workshop is supernatural and he does most of his good stuff while no one is looking. Amazingly, I woke up one morning and found that the psoriasis on my ankles and feet just up and left. I didn't even know it was going away. God just took it. That is so like Him! He works even when we aren't looking.

I've learned doing the right thing doesn't make you a guaranteed success. But it's always the better road even if it leads you into failure.

I've learned that the older I get the more important it becomes not to screw it all up. Finishing strong is important. I can't let some stray thought; fantasy or impulse bring my entire ministry to a screeching halt.

I've learned that my career path is not a thermostat of success. I am most successful as a bit player in the role I was given than a superstar on a throne born of subterfuge.

I have learned that when in Greece, don't drink everything they put in front of you, especially when dining with your supervisors. It just might be more than just clear soda. And if you suspect that it's alcohol, don't act as though you enjoyed it.

I've learned that when you can take glory in your children's successes you must take the blame in their failures, so it's best not to get into the glory business.

I've learned that I am capable of overwhelming good and devastating evil, and that it sometimes takes the wisdom of Solomon in order to detect between the two.

I've learned that Worst-Case Senerios rarely happen. Especially when you are Baptist. We always have great imaginations when it comes to WCSs.

I have learned that God is much bigger than I imagined last year. And His voice is much softer.


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