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Monday, September 27, 2004

Bad Blogger

I have been a bad blogger. If there is nothing to blog you can always blog about how unfaithful you've been to your blog, i guess. I have had a fairly productive time writing over the past few days, just not here. I'm going to be posting a few unedited pieces today. Mainly life has just been one challenge after another. I preached at northside yesterday.

Yesterday morning I preached from Mark 2 and the four men who helped the Paralytic man get to Jesus through the roof. My favorite thing to do in the pulpit is to retell stories about Jesus. No matter how many times I read then, hear them, or tell them I always come away with a different message.

This time I was struck with the fact that most of us do indeed seem to block the doors of the church so that the needy have to tear the roof off to get in to see Jesus. I love the final sentence of the story where Mark says that people said to one another, "We have never seen anything like this before."

Lord, I long for that experience where I walk away from an encounter with God saying, "Whoa! That beats all. I've seen lots, but never that!"

In the evening I preached on the first four Beattitudes.


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