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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

working at home today

yesterday we tried something that didn't quite work. our 13 year-old kept our 8 year-old. so today i took a "family care" day to work at home and referree the guys. i'm planning on going to the office after Darlene gets back from her teacher training. She experienced a bit of disappointment yesterday- she's teaching in a temporary building that sounds like it has been on the ground since the battle of Franklin. Lord, i pray for encouragement for her.

this afternoon i'll take caleb with me for Chris Johnson's birthday lunch. this will be a real trick because i have to drop Nathan off in hermitage, go to the BBQ joint and then to Mac Authority to pick up some DVD-Rs and then back to pick Isaac up. Come to think of it... i won't be home very much today.


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