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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

random synapses

born in 63
Baton Rouge General
third of 4
five weeks old when the shots rang out.
moved to California,
Dad driving 95 across the desert
My little head poking out the window laughing
just laughing
i remembered a picnic and hippies
they smoked banana peels i was told
I remember a drive-in movie and swings
The mouse just behind my back yard.
disney firworks and an old tinkerbell
Dobie G. reruns
having to take naps with the girls
while the older guys got to play.
i remember the move to alex
karey and wayne
spending hours at the ho-jo swiming pool.
lynn and charlie.
and 2nd grade
julie- she was the eye doctor's daughter
i never told her that i wanted to marry
and Koncrite on the monroe station
every night recounting how many died
in a place called vietnam
remember my grandfathers cow whip
I remember his labored breath
Oh God, don't let him die.
I sat there in the hospital room
spent the night.
the first night ever alone in that room.
first night i felt like a little man
it just felt right.
I remember his wrinkled tough hand reaching out
and rubbing my thumb
that's what i remember
not much
but mine.


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