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Friday, September 10, 2004



I pray for simplicity. Give me the courage to slow down and rely on your grace. Pull me away from the idols of man, my addiction to being the solution for everyones needs. But I also pray that you will give me a generous heart that is in tune to what you are doing around me.

Lord Jesus, Son of God have mercy on me, an unfocused follower, so blind to the path. So many times, garbled by the sound and fury of this culture... Pull me away from the accuser's voice. Pull me away from the culture of comfort. Pierce my hands so that they will be useful tools. I'm not asking for you to complete me. I am begging for you to change me and make me over. Transform my attitude and mindset. I am weary today, so I'm asking you to settle my spirit and that I may rest in You as I labor in love.

In a time of chaos
I beg for stillness
In a time of sorrow
In a time of passion
In a time of worship



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