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the compost pile of writer, matt tullos. mostly poems, prayers, rants and naratives... "Gods passion for the world has compelled me to be a contributor in the warfare of grace rather than a spectator in the warfare of religion."

Location: Alexandria, LA, United States

Monday, October 27, 2003


When You cast the stars in place and molded mud to man.
When sunlight graced first morning's dew
Waves blending into sand.
Did you know forbidden fruit,
golden calf,
bitter root,
our deep bent to worship others.
Did you know about children chained, raped, neglected, discarded.
Did You know all this?
Of course, I know You knew.
I'm just tortured with this thought.
It's not my place. I ask in vain
I am no judge of God.
Free will gives birth to greater love.
And still, grace moves below, above.
I wonder will I understand it better by and by.
Or hold on to this one question.
Simply stated: Why?


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