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Sunday, October 24, 2004

just a few details

very good day today despite all the strange unplanned and unexpeccted news.
i don't have time for commentary so here's the running score.
I went to Northside Baptist and preached (morning ony). Matt (the youth and worship leader) I learned is having open heart surgery on Thursday. What an incredible shock. I can only imagine the stress on his family. And yet the peace of God was so evident. Lord, the joy of worshiping under his leadership! It was inspiring to say the very least. They asked me serve as interim. I am excited about the opportunity to be there at this crucial time. I enjoy the spirit of the church and I pray that God will prepare me to be more than just a fill-in guy. The drive is long but I feel like this is where I need to be. There is nothing so precious to me as being in the right place. Tomorrow I'll ask for permission from my bosses to do this.
Other details- Isaac seemed to have a great time at the dance. As he has been doing lately, he followed the rules. Yes. Oh the little things. Wonderful.

Got back into nashville to meet Darlene to clean our old house. After working for a couple of hours purging the office of junk I called home. Isaac's Mustang wasn't holding a charge and so I came home and helped Darlene get it over to Sears. And here I am now working through the details readying for tomorrow.

Thanks, Jesus. What a friend! You held me through the day's challenges. Prepare me for the day and week ahead.


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