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Monday, October 18, 2004

back home

I've been blogless for a couple of days. I am back and I have so much to record I'll probably do this over the course of the next day. I burned the interstates this weekend. Took Darlene's car and enjoyed the journey. It amazed me to see all the work that went into this weekend. Emory did a great job and i enjoyed visiting with her, charles and rebecca, ev, and a few other friends that I haven't seen in a while.

What did God teach me this weekend? I think he revealed my lack of real faith. (i hate it when he does that.) I realized that I don't really know the purpose of an event until I get there. sometimes God places us in functional areas that seem to have "stand-alone" purposes when really our primary purpose is the unknown purpose. I also fought the personal battle of cynicism. Lord I repent. I became aware of my waning passion that needs to be ignited.

Visited with mom and dad at the house. I arrived there Saturday night at around 9 PM. I enjoyed sitting on the porch and catching up with them the next morning and then going to visit "the hole" a place where i could later build a house if God asked me to move back to Louisiana. After going around the pond. Melodye and I sat down on some lawn chairs and visited some more. We had Mom's gumbo for lunch, bread pudding for dessert. Lunch helped me realize why it's appointed unto me to live in Tennessee. I need to be able to fit through doors:-) Then at 3:45 I started back home. I drove and rested my mind behind the wheel. Now I'm about ready to begin working on the apartment.


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