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the compost pile of writer, matt tullos. mostly poems, prayers, rants and naratives... "Gods passion for the world has compelled me to be a contributor in the warfare of grace rather than a spectator in the warfare of religion."

Location: Alexandria, LA, United States

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

the streets of athens observed

running through the heat of ever never...
turning and watching
as the beat of hearts continue
under the skin of man waiting,
feasting on the poison of distraction-
tenderly turning just a shadow--
pressing forward,
the forgotten mystery-
peering into the dust to dust reality-
illusion of desire--
the shades are filled with the tired and wealthy-
beggars and kings,
wreaths of perishable gold,
gods of the ancient-
like snakes skulking through the alleys -
never far from the pit of death
true deception
true lies
touch and go
and the rhythmic legions converge
refrain from the backward glance
and the salty ruins.


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