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Saturday, December 13, 2003

the loss of a friend

nancy ray, our financial analyst in the department was killed in a rush hour accident. the whole floor is in shock and disbelief. nancy was a joy to be around. she had an unusual aptitude for looking past my weak organizational skills to get through needed product ideas and improvements. (it's strange to be typing all of this down. it makes it so real at a time when everything seems so unbelievable.)

she was one of the last people i saw on friday before i left to entertain at a christmas party for the "money guys" at lifeway. nancy patiently preped me with names and assignments of the different folks who were going to be there.

she died this morning when she was rear-ended by a semi and into another semi. this cause a fire and she along with at least three others died there.

Below is Terri Lackey's story released through the internal news:

Fifteen-year employee Nancy Ray, 43, died this morning on the way to work in an accident involving her pickup truck and two tractor trailers.
Two others also died in the accident on I-24 north, shutting down the interstate in both directions, according to reports on Channel 4 News’ Web site. “The accident happened about 7:30 a.m. near the junction with I-65 when one tractor trailer apparently rear-ended the pickup truck, pushing it into the second big rig,” the Web site said.

Nancy is survived by her husband, Tim, and two children, a daughter, Tia, 23, and son, Keely, 15.

“Nancy Ray was a cherished employee of LifeWay,” said President Jimmy Draper. “Her vibrant personality and optimistic spirit was a blessing to all who knew her and especially to those who worked with her. The tragic accident that took her life has left us all in disbelief and grief.”

Draper asked LifeWay to join him in prayer for Nancy’s family as they cope with their loss. “We take comfort in knowing of her faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and know that the Lord will provide for Tim and all the family in these days of sorrow.”
Nancy was an “incredible person of integrity,” said Selma Wilson, director of organization performance for church resources. “She was a wonderful mother and a great wife. She scheduled Friday evenings with her son and called her parents every Saturday. Her family was extremely tight-knit, which should help during this difficult time.”

Nancy worked for the discipleship area from 1984-88 when she quit to get her degree in general business from Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, Tenn. She was hired back at LifeWay in 1992 in the discipleship area. Since 2001, she had worked as a performance analyst in ministry/business performance, assigned to leadership and adult publishing.


Blogger One of Sweet Aunt Nancy's favorite nieces said...

I want to thank Matt Tullos for his wonderful words about my aunt. Nancy was a source of spiritual guidence for us all. If there was a problem she was the first to voluteer to pray about it.

The loss of my aunt was a shock to us all especially those who were watching the coverage of the accident on the local television stations.

I was away at school when I received the phone call informing me that she had been killed. I barely arrived home for the funeral but the kind words of those she worked with for so many years helped the healing process begin.

Thank you all for keeping our family in your thoughts and especially your prayers. I'm sorry that I didn't find this post before now. It's been nearly three years but, some days it doesn't seem like she could really be gone.

May 16, 2006 at 5:00 PM  

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