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Friday, October 31, 2003

Where Jesus Is

Very encouraging letter from Michelle in South Africa!

Oh wow - that's it! We worked SO hard on that musical, months and months of practice, hours every week. We changed some of it to be more "South African", using SA cities for the Lara scene and more SA language instead of the USA way of saying some of the things, etc. We did 7 performances, to packed churches, and the kids really loved doing it! We had some awesome actors/actresses, and one of the girls did dance choreography to all the songs. All our kids ranged in age from 13 to 17 and showed complete committment. Our "Jesus" was perfect, a quiet, really Jesus-like chap that really shone. Pharisee was a favourite, as was Song of the Shepherds.

And there were a number of changed lives as a result. One 85-year old cynic changed his heart and mind after seeing the play and is now a committed Christian. Many others were deeply touched by the message.

Thanks for witing such an awesome musical - we LOVED it.



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