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Location: Alexandria, LA, United States

Friday, October 17, 2003

I am blessed to have a Heavenly Father that reaches out. His love isn’t the kind of love that could be visualized with crossed arms, pouting, foot-tapping disgust. God isn’t sitting on his throne waiting for us to cower sheepishly before him. He is a God who pursues me! He goes out looking for the runaways! We must let this concept sink in deeply, because it isn’t often that we picture God as a pursuer of us, but that is exactly what He does. I don’t understand why. Perhaps I never will but the fact is God is in love with us! Because we are worthy? Of course not. It’s because we belong to Him.

Lord, Your love is the most amazing thing we can ever feel on this earth. It is stubbornly holding onto us. I want to thank you because you loved me before I took my very first breath and I know from your word that you’ll never forsake, even in the hour that I take my last breath.


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