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Friday, October 17, 2003

Ate with Judi and GB. Discussed the chasm between liberals and conservatives. Interesting conversation. I often feel that that grace is hard for conservatives and "right and wrong" issues are hard for liberals. Conservatives would have thrown Jesus out on his ear for the company he kept and liberals would have thrown him out on his ear for his passionate lifestyle and literal interpretation of holy Scripture. Scary when both camps call Him Lord. Jesus however would have no trouble with all of this. He saw it while he was on Earth in flesh and bone. Many will say, "Lord, Lord." The older I get the more I am sure that God is not a respector of human organizations and political agendas. His is simply the lover of His Holy Church -the Body. We must focus on the breaking of bread and the study of God's word and the transformation of people. I think so many have agendas just for the sake of agendizing everyone. Jesus dealt differently with each individual but with the same principles and of course with the same un-world-like grace.


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