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Friday, October 17, 2003

Personal thoughts on Moses

He lived in a town called “the middle of nowhere.” It was the backside of the dessert. It was a stretch of land that couldn’t boast a single stop sign. Now here’s a guy who had a whole nation to boss around. He was living the highlife of Egyptian splendor. He had the all the shiney playthings that any true prince could attain. Then his life hit a major bump. He ran away for 40 years and he felt like his life was over. Now he’s in nowheresville staring at sheep and probably wondering where his life went. Then BOOM! God shows up! He had an encounter with God that would ulitmately transport him into the center of one of the greatest underdog stories ever witnessed. God called, “Moses, Moses.” This same God is calling out your name. You may feel like you are in a spiritual desert. You may feel rejected, abuse, forgotten, punished, or just plain apathetic. Rest assured that this same God is calling out your name. So it’s your move. God has a message for you to deliver. (Just like Moses.) So what are you going to do about it?


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