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Sunday, January 11, 2004

the day is done. I'm going home.

I'm at the office tweaking Let's Worship. I feel good about it.

I'm waiting on God. That is so hard for me to do... Just simply waiting on Him. Went to the visitation for Ellen Dent this evening. an incredible sight as we waited for around two hours in line to share our few thoughts and prayers to John and Gerri. 17 years of age... and in the presence of Jesus.

then darlene and i went home to our boys who are very much alive.

God, why do I feel things with such intensity?
why do I fear the worst tonight?

Lord, focus my mind on your kingdom which spans further than my feeble mind can grasp. Give me the courage of those who have gone before me.

I refocus tonight and i think about the millions who don't know my Jesus. I wonder why I am nestled so comfortably in the bible belt. Does the work i do really honor God or am I just storing up for myself treasures? I guess i'll continue to ask that question tomorrow.


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