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the compost pile of writer, matt tullos. mostly poems, prayers, rants and naratives... "Gods passion for the world has compelled me to be a contributor in the warfare of grace rather than a spectator in the warfare of religion."

Location: Alexandria, LA, United States

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

The time and place...
The moment of decision
What is your name?
I know you, I believe.
Please be...
Make the stories be true
Sacred blissful giver
I stike my foot upon the rock
and lift my bleeding heel
I stand
I wrestle
I deny
I cast the net
I drop it there and I chase you
I fear the waves
I step out
don't leave me hanging here.
I don't know if I have the tools for this.
I doubt smooth stones and somewhat distant victories.
If I'm wrong, I'm -- I don't know...
But I, laying it (everything) on the table
(or is it an altar?)
see a hand extended
Let's go.


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